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Dentsply - IRM

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IRM® is a reinforced zinc oxide-eugenol composition for intermediate restorations lasting up to one year:

1. For temporary restorations

2. Base material

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Clinical uses
It is an intermediate restorative material. In a clinical study it was compared to other ZOE (Zinc Oxide- Eugenol) compositions and an EBA (Eugenol and o-ethoxybenzoic acid) formulation. Result: it was judged superior for both Class I and II restorations ( at one and two year observations).
Among the many applications are: restoration of deciduous teeth (when permanent teeth are two years or less from eruption); restorative emergencies; caries management program; dental school clinics and public health dental programs.
Handling characteristics IRM® powder and liquid should be mixed in less than one minute. The resulting putty consistency is then inserted into the cavity. If indicated, conventional methods of matrix application are appropriate.
  • Powder, 40g
  • Liquid, 15ml

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