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Glass Ionomer Cement 3 powder+3 liquid

GIC Powder
The powder is an acid-soluble calcium fluoroaluminosilicate glass similar to that of silicate but with a higher alumina-silicate ratio that increases its reactivity with liquid. The fluoride portion acts as a “ceramic flux”. Lanthanum, Strontium, Barium or Zinc Oxide additives provide radioopacity. The raw materials are fused to form a uniform glass by heating them to temperatures of 1100C to 1500C. The glass is ground into a powder having particles into a powder in the range of 15 to 50 ยต M. Typical percentages of the raw materials are:

Silica 41.9%
Alumina 28.6%
Aluminium Fluoride 1.6%
Calcium Fluoride 15.7%
Sodium Fluoride 9.3%
Aluminium Phosphate 3.8%
GIC Liquid
Originally, the liquids for GIC were aqueous solutions of polyacrylic acid in a concentration of about 40 to 50%. The liquid was quite viscous and tended to gel over time. In most of the current cements, the acid is in the form of co-polymer with itaconic, maleic or tricarboxylic acids. These acids tend to increase the reactivity of the liquid, decrease the viscosity and reduce the tendency for gelation. Tartaric acid is also present in the liquid. It improves handling characteristics and increases the working time, but it shortens the setting time. The viscosity of Tartaric Acid-containing cement does not generally change over the shelf life of the cement. However a viscosity change can occur if the cement is out of date. As a means of extending the working time of the GIC, freeze-dried polyacid powder and glass powder are placed in the same bottle as the powder. The liquid consists of water or water with Tartaric Acid. When the powders are mixed with water, the acid powder dissolves to reconstitute the liquid acid and this process is followed by the acid-base reaction. This type of cement is referred to occasionally as water settable glass ionomer or erroneously as anhydrous glass ionomer.



  • 3 x 20g Powder
  • 3 x 15ml Liquid


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