Heraeus Charisma Flow Syringe Refill 1 x 1.8 g

Heraeus Charisma Flow Syringe Refill 1 x 1.8 g

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Product Description

Charisma flow is the ideal supplement to the long established microparticle hybrid composite Charisma. Thanks to its low viscosity and thixotropy, Charisma flow is amazingly precise and adaptable.

Safe usage, high standard of aesthetic appeal
■ Controllable consistency: starting consistency is stable and the material becomes controllably fluid on stirring
■ Easy, fast handling
■ X-ray opaque
■ Pronounced chameleon effect
■ Natural fluorescence
■ Broad colour spectrum
■ Colours optimally match the Charisma colours

The Charisma flow baseliner can be applied on the cavity floor to mark the transition to the natural hard tooth tissue. This means that unnecessary drilling away of healthy hard tooth tissue when removing an insufficient filling can be avoided. In addition, dark discolouration can be superbly covered with Charisma flow baseliner.

Indication :-
■ Class V fillings
■ Minimal invasive class I and II fillings in regions of
■ low occlusal force
■ Minimal invasive class III fillings
■ Sealing of fissures and extended fissures
■ Small form and colour corrections on enamel and dentin
■ Small repairs of direct and indirect restorations in combination with a suitable bonding
■ Splinting of teeth
■ Cavity lining
■ Reinforcing brackets


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