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Product Description


  • Wide back rest and seat with Seamless upholstery for complete patient comfort along with double articulated head rest
  • Sensor Based 5 LED  cold & Blue Dental Light with 35,000 Lux intensity for better illumination
  • Chair made up of GE Plastic providing longevity to the chair
  • Option for Right or Left Handed Dentistry at the time of installation
  • 5 Programs…. 2 Programmable working Positions, Auto return to Zero Position, Last Working Position and Spitting Position
  • Synchronized Chair Movement provides Trendelemburg Position for medical emergencies
  • Safety System Below the Chair base to prevent entrapment of any object
  • Inbuilt Biosystem to prevent cross contamination through the tubings
  • Patient chair arm rest can be rotated to 90° for easy patient on & off the Dental Chair
  • Patient chair control keypad is located on Doctor as well as Assistant Side
  • Top & Multifunctional Foot control with joystick
  • Doctor’s stool with adjustable backrest tilt & height adjustable foot ring for attaining a correct working posture by the dentist especially during long dental treatment



  • Joy stick for control of air rotor for easy tooth cutting
  • Emergency red switch to lock the chair in working position in case of any accidental obstruction
  • 2 Independent switches to control working of white and cold five LED light with power of 35,000 Lux for increased visibility
  • Auto off dental light during spitting & zero position
  • 2 independent switches, one to move the chair up and down and other for backrest movement of the chair
  • A switch to store any 2 programmable working positions
  • A switch for spitting, last working position & auto return to zero



  • Modules with Lockable Hangers
  • With pneumatic locking arm to prevent any displacement of the unit
  • Feather Touch Control Unit for Doctor’s Ease of Use
  • 1- 3Way Syringe
  • 3  Air Rotor Points with option for Fiber Optic Handpiece
  •  Light Cure for Bleaching & Curing
  • Option for Inbuilt Scaler for Oral Prophylaxis


  • 90° movable for easy cleaning and handling
  • Programmable water flow for convenience of operations by the operator
  • Cannulas removable & Autoclavable
  • Assistant Arm with a feather touch control panel for ease of use
  • A point for 3 way syringe for air
  • 2 Suction points…one for low vacuum and other for high vacuum (Cannulas only)



  • LED technology is free of mercury & any other Polluting elements
  • Cold light beam due to complete absence of Ultraviolet and infrared light which may be injurious to the eye
  • Generates high beam of white light, enhancing the Natural color of teeth and gums
  • Change in light intensity will not affect its white color shade
  • Enables better resin color choice (Shade selection of Restorative)
  • Allows 100% of light beam focus on the surgical area
  • Longer time & higher precision for tooth restorations



  • Trendelumburg position due to synchronized movement between backrest & seat  can be achieved during any dental emergency situation like stroke, syncope….help the patient gain consciousness
  • Safety system on chair base & back rest  prevents entrapment during chair movements adding to the safety during dental surgical procedures
  • Seamless upholstery prevents adherence of dust on the surface of the chair thus prevents cross contamination
  • Double articulated head rest with seesaw movements suitable for pediatric patients for delivering dental treatment with ease
  • Spittoon removable for easy to clean and thus helps maintain hygiene
  • Cannulas removable & autoclavable thus maintaining complete sterile working environment



  • Bio System prevents cross contamination which otherwise can occur through the back flow of blood & saliva through the tubing attached to the couplings
  • Anti retraction valve  prevents  back flow of saliva or blood in handpiece which is the most interactive equipment directly in patients  mouth



  • The backrest with tilt & height’s adjustment which Provides comfort to the lumbar area for long treatment hours



  • For cavity preparation and filling – air rotor attachment point on the  delivery unit
  • For final denture fitting and finishing-straight/contrangle handpiece attachment point  on delivery unit
  • Oral prophylaxsis – scalar attachment point on the delivery unit
  • Bleaching /light curing – LED LD max light cure unit attachement point on the delivery unit
  • For suction of blood/saliva – pneumatic or motorized suction attachment on the assistant table
  • 3-way syringe attachment on delivery unit or assistant table for air & water inputs required during various dental procedures


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