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Product Description

Actino Gel is a 37% Phosphoric Acid gel for enamel Etching and dentin conditioning which utilizes a polymer filler to create thixotropic properties, handing characteristics are enhanced, thereby leaving no silica debris on the etched surface which empede the flow of primer and/or resin over the surface or into the dentinal tubules. Actino Gel contains benzalkonium chloride (BAC) to leave a residual antimicrobial effect, even after rinsing.


* For Conditioning of both dental enamel and dentine surfaces before placing adhesive restoration.
* Cleaning of porcelain, metal or composite surface prior to bonding adhesive.

Product Benefits:

* 37% phosphoric acid to give best dentine etching results.
* 2% benzalkonium chloride makes enchants antimicrobial.
* Provides controlled depth of dental etch.
* Does not dry etched tooth surface

Product Packaging:

* Intro Pack: 1 X syringe, 5ml, 10 X Applicator Tips.
* Economy Pack: 4 X syringe, 1.5ml, 20 X Applicator Tips.
* Jumbo Pack : 1 X syringe, 50ml, 2 X Empty Syringe, 5 X Couplers, 20 X Applicator Tips



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